Assoc. Prof. Tugba TASKIN-TOK, Ph.D.

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Educational and Administrative Background

1999-2003: B.Sc. at Hacettepe University Department of Chemistry
2003-2006: M.Sc. degree in Organic Chemistry at Hacettepe University Department of Chemistry
2006-2010: Ph. D. in Organic Chemistry at Hacettepe University Department of Chemistry 

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Fatma Sevin DÜZ

2011-Present: Assist. Prof. Dr. in Organic Chemistry at Gaziantep University, Department of Chemistry.

Language Background

  • Turkish (Native Language)
  • English (Fluent)
  • French (Basic)

Research Interests

  • Organic Chemistry: Synthesis and structure elucidation (IR, 1H-NMR, Mass) of natural products such as Aspidosperma Type Alkaloids which have powerful central nervous system stimulants and biological active compounds.
  • Computational Organic Chemistry: Investigation of structures and molecular interactions of organic compounds by using theoretical approaches and quantum chemical descriptors. Theoretical investigation on chemical and biochemical activities of biological active compounds by using various programs like Hyper Chem 7.5, Spartan 04, Gaussian 03, Arguslab, Molsoft ICM-Pro, ADF and Accelrys Discovery Studio 2.0/2.1.
  • Computational Drug Design Methods: which include biological activities of the heterocyclic compounds by using analysis of quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) and/or molecular modeling field using the pharmacophore-based design (CoMFA, CoMSIA) and/or structure-based design methods and/or Docking.

Work Experience

2004-2010: I worked at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Science, Chemistry Department as research assistant in various subjects given below:

  • Instrumental methods (UV, IR, NMR)
  • Crystallization, distillation, extraction, chromatography
  • Organic Chemistry, Synthesis of natural products such as Aspidosperma Type Alkaloids
  • Molecular Modelling techniques (QSAR, Pharmacophore, Docking).

2011-Present: I work at Gaziantep University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Department as assistant professor.


  • Applications of Cheminformatics & Chemical Modelling to Drug Discovery, (eCheminfo Community of Practice), Switzerland.
  • ICS-UNIDO (International Centre for Science and High Technology), Trieste, Italy.
  • Computer Aided Drug Design & Development Association in Turkey.
  • InnovationWell Community of Practice
  • ResearchGATE,
  • Academia edu

Computer Skills

  •  Accelrys Discovery Studio 2.0/2.1, ADF, Gaussian 94/98/03, Spartan 02/04, Hyper Chem, 5.0/6.0/7.5/8.0, Chem Plus, ArgusLab, Molsoft, Hyper NMR
  •  Microsoft Office Applications (+Photoshop CS3)
  •  Linux user