Sabiha Alper-Hayta, Ph.D.

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Educational and Administrative Background

2003-Present: Ph.D. Student at Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry 
2000-2002: M.Sc. degree at Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
1994-1999: B.Sc., Ankara University, Faculty of Pharmacy 
1987-1994: Muğla Anadolu High School
1982-1987: Muğla Atatürk Primary School

Language Background

  • Turkish (Native Language)
  • English (Fluent)

Research Interests

  • Synthesis, structure elucidation and evaluation of antimicrobial and topoisomerase inhibition activity of heterocyclic molecules ((benzoxazole, benzothiazole, benzoxazine), QSAR, Molecular Modelling

Work Experience

  • Research Scientist, Chemical Research Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, September 2005.


  • Turkish Association of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry 
  • Computer Aided Drug Design & Development Association in Turkey


  •  Synthesis, antimicrobial activity and QSARs of some new benzoxazole, benzimidazole, benzoxazine derivatives (Ankara University Research Fund)
  • Synthesis and determination of DNA topoisomerase inhibitor activities of some new heterocyclies and moleculer modelling studies using computer (Ankara University Research Fund)
  •  Synthesis of new aminazoles as potensial multi-drug resistance inhibitors (Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council (TUBITAK) Research Fund)

Original Papers

  • 6
    ZILIFDAR, F., ALPER-HAYTA, S., YILMAZ, S., KAPLAN-OZEN, C., FOTO, E., AYDOGAN, Z., YILDIZ, I., AKI, E., YALCIN, I., DIRIL, N., "Genotoxic potentials and eukaryotic DNA topoisomerase I inhibitory effects of some benzoxazine derivatives", Med. Chem. Res., 23(1), 480-486, (2014). DOI: 10.1007/s00044-013-0658-5 [full text]
  • 5
    KAROLAK-WOJCIECHOWSKA, J., SZCZESIO, M., ALPER-HAYTA, S., AKI, E., YALÇIN, I., "Crystal structure of 3,4-dihydro-3-oxo-6-ethoxycarbonyl-2H-1,4-benzoxazine-2-acetate, C15H17NO6", Z. Kristallogr. NCS, 225, 531-532, (2010). DOI: 10.1524/ncrs.2010.0233 [full text]
  • 4
    ALPER-HAYTA, S., ARISOY, M., TEMIZ-ARPACI, Ö., YILDIZ, I., AKI, E., ÖZKAN, S., KAYNAK, F., "Synthesis, Antimicrobial Activity, Pharmacophore Analysis of Some New 2-(Substitutedphenyl/ benzyl)-5-[(2-benzofuryl)carboxamido]benzoxazoles", European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 43(11), 2568-2578, (2008). doi:10.1016/j.ejmech.2007.12.019 [full text]
  • 3
    OKSUZOGLU, E., TEKINER-GULBAS, B., ALPER, S., TEMIZ-ARPACI, O., ERTAN, T., YILDIZ, I., DIRIL, N., SENER-AKI, E., YALCIN, I., "Some Benzoxazoles and Benzimidazoles as DNA Topoisomerase I and II Inhibitors", Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry, 23(1), 37-42, (2008). DOI: 10.1080/14756360701342516 [full text]
  • 2
    OKSUZOGLU, E., TEMIZ-ARPACI, O., TEKINER-GULBAS, B., EROGLU, H., SEN, G., ALPER, S., YILDIZ, I., DIRIL, N., AKI-SENER, E., YALCIN, I., "A Study on the Genotoxic Activities of Some New Benzoxazoles", Medicinal Chemistry Research, 16, 1–14, (2007). DOI 10.1007/s00044-007-9005-z [full text]
  • 1
    ALPER-HAYTA, S., AKI-SENER, E., TEKINER-GULBAS, B., YILDIZ, I., TEMIZ-ARPACI, O., YALCIN, I., ALTANLAR, N., “Synthesis, Antimicrobial Activity and QSARs of New Benzoxazine-3-ones”, Eur. J. Med. Chem., 41(12), 1398-1404, (2006). [full text]


  • 1
    ALPER, S., TEMİZ-ARPACI, Ö., AKI-ŞENER, E., YALÇIN, İ.,”Some New bi-and ter-benzimidazole Derivatives as Topoisomerase I Inhibitors”, Il Farmaco, 58, 497-507, (2003). [full text]

Oral Presentations

  • 4
    YILDIZ, I., ALPER, S., ERTAN, T., TEMIZ-ARPACI, O., TEKINER-GULBAS, B., AKI-SENER, E., YALCIN, I., "Molecular Modeling Studies on Some Eucaryotic Topoisomerase II Enzyme Inhibitor Fused Heterocyclic Compounds", 6th AFMC International Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, Istanbul-TURKEY, July 08-11, 2007.
  • 3
    AKI-ŞENER, E., YALÇIN, İ., ALPER-HAYTA, S., TEKİNER-GÜLBAŞ; B., TEMİZ ARPACI, Ö., YILDIZ, I., ALTANLAR, N., “Synthesis, antimicrobial activity and QSARs of New Benzoxazine-3-ones”, European Conference on the Reversal of Multidrug Resistance from Bacteria to Cancer Cells and Parasites, Budapest, Hungary, Abstracts OP-10, 22-25 April 2006.
  • 2
    AKI-ŞENER, E., YALÇIN, İ., YILDIZ, İ., TEMİZ-ARPACI, Ö., ALPER, S., ZAFER, B., “Studies on Pharmacophore Group Identification of Topoisomerase II Inhibitory Active Fused Heterocyclics Using CATALYST HipHop”, The European Cost Action B16 Symposium on Multidrug Resistance Reversal, Antalya, p19, 13-14 May, 2005.
  • 1
    AKI-ŞENER, E., YALÇIN, İ., YILDIZ, I., TEMİZ ARPACI, Ö., ZAFER, B., TEKİNER-GÜLBAŞ; B., ALPER, S., “3D-QSAR Studies of Topoisomerase II Inhibitors Using Catalyst ” Watoc`05, Modelling Structure and Reactivity 7th Congress of the World Association of Theoretically Oriented Chemists, Cape Town, South Africa, Abstract C12-5, 16-21 January 2005.

Poster Presentations

  • 1
    ALPER-HAYTA, S., ARISOY, M., TEMIZ-ARPACI, O., YILDIZ, I., AKI-SENER, E., KAYNAK-ONURDAG, F., "Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Some New N-(2-Substitutedbenzoxazol-5-yl)-2-benzofurancarboxamides", Abst. P-11, 3rd International Meeting on Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (IMMPC-3), Antalya-TURKEY, October 16-21, 2007.